• Repairing a damaged cinderblock chimney

    A customer had called and wanted a bid to replace their entire chimney because it looked like this disaster.(click on photos to enlarge): We came up with a brilliant solution, which was to resurface the faces of the damaged block and paint the chimney!            

  • Wood Stove Fireplace Insert Removal and Cleaning

    Chimney sweeps in Portland Oregon are having to deal less and less with un-lined woodstove inserts. Back in the ancient days wood stove inserts ( a wood stove that has been set into an open fireplace ) were not installed with a stainless steel liner being installed down the length of the chimney, connecting to the wood […]

  • Chimney rain cap installation-Increased demand for by our customers.

    A spark arresting chimney rain cap installation is a smart move for several reasons. These caps are tight-fitting metal chimney caps that reduce spark output into the environment. They are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. This year I have received more requests than any of the previous 20 years for spark arrestors. The […]

  • Chimney sweeping logs-do they really work?

    A chimney sweep’s brush vs chimney sweeping logs. Do these logs really clean the chimney?  I have been cleaning chimneys for 24 years now, and I get this question asked of me several times each year. I cannot speak for the cleaning logs because I have not observed their effect over time, with various degrees of […]

  • The Cleaning Process

      Chimney cleaning in Portland occurs on a year-round basis. You may come across some homeowners who engage in DIY chimney cleaning projects, and you may consider chimney cleaning as an easy task. You could attempt to engage in chimney sweeping by yourself to save money. This kind of approach may end in chimney or […]

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