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Chimney mortar joint repair/replacement can prevent having to rebuild the chimney in the future; a preventative maintenance action that needs to be done when conditions call for it.

Chimney tuckpointing is a crucial aspect of our comprehensive chimney repair services at Rooftop Chimney and Roof Services. This meticulous process involves the removal and replacement of deteriorating mortar joints in the chimney masonry. Over time, exposure to weather elements can cause mortar to weaken, crack, or erode, compromising the structural integrity of the chimney. Our skilled craftsmen excel in the art of tuckpointing, skillfully removing damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh, durable material to restore both the strength and aesthetics of the chimney. Tuckpointing not only enhances the structural stability of the chimney but also contributes to its overall visual appeal, ensuring that your chimney stands as a resilient and attractive centerpiece of your home. Trust Rooftop Chimney and Roof Services for meticulous chimney tuckpointing that combines expertise with a commitment to preserving the longevity and performance of your chimney.

A tuck-point repair is done, as mentioned above, to a chimney that has mortar joints which are compromised in some way but have not completely rotted away. The cut-off point for this sort of repair is between 3/8 inches and 1/2 inch of deterioration and also requires the brick to still be intact. If either of these requirements is not met then a rebuild of the section(s) or chimney in question may be needed. To see a 9-minute video showing this entire process, Click here

When the above points are confirmed the damaged mortar joints have to be removed using a grinder and a diamond grinding blade that will grind any damaged mortar out of the joint. The joints are ground out to the point where the mortar no longer grinds away easily, and then these joints are cleaned out. This removes the deteriorated mortar and allows for new mortar to be inserted.

After the grinding and cleaning are done the new mortar is prepared. This is done using mortar, water, bonding agent, and any coloring agent needed to match the existing mortar. The bonding agent is key here as it ensures a superior bond between the old mortar and the new mortar, as well as the new mortar and the brick. This will greatly enhance the life of the chimney. The mortar must be prepared in a way that it can be easily applied and shaped during the mortar application process.

We spray water on the area to be pointed, which will clear out debris and grinding dust, thus allowing the new mortar to gain purchase on the brick and the old mortar. This is done in stages to ensure that the areas do not dry out. Immediately following this we can begin the process of pointing, or applying the mortar to the prepared joints.

The new mortar is then allowed to set up for a few minutes which will give it the firmness needed for the final tooling process.

The last tooling/smoothing process is called striking the joint. This is done using a convex striking tool to add an inward groove to the joint. This feature not only looks good but also increases the life of the chimney by affecting the angle that rain or snow strikes the joint. The excess mortar is trimmed from the mortar joint, then the repair is allowed to cure for about a day, after which the chimney is acid-washed to remove mortar residue from the outside face. The pictures below are of the finished repair before the acid washing process.

This is the end of this repair, but at Willamette Chimney we have one additional step: thirty days after the repair is finished we return to the job and apply a waterproofing chemical called siloxane to the chimney. This chemical allows moisture to exit the chimney but prevents it from entering. This step also extends the life of the chimney.

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Cliff and his crew wear amazing. Quality work for an affordable price. We had 6 estimates and Rooftop Chimney came in better than the rest. Highly recommend for honesty, explaining things well and fair price. Thank you Rooftop Chimney!

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Leaving this review for my parents, who recently hired Cliff from Rooftop Chimney for a chimney repair, back in June. They were quick with an estimate, at a fair price and the work was scheduled promptly. They did an excellent job and we would definitely hire them again in the future or recommend them to friends!

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I’m selling my house and needed the wood stove insert removed. With the closing date approaching, Rooftop Chimney was able to work me in their schedule and get the job done quickly and professionally. I got the DEQ certificate much faster than I thought I would. Thanks to Justin and his crew!!! I would highly recommend Rooftop Chimney.

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Arrived on time – worked very hard to remove our very heavy fireplace insert and took extreme care to do the job well. Completed their work by cleaning our two chimneys and got it all done in good time. We would recommend their services to all.

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After selling our home, the inspection indicated that there was some work that needed to be done on our chimney including repairing some mortar as well as putting a top cap on the chimney. I contacted Rooftop Chimney and Roof Services. They were very knowledgeable answering all of my questions. That along with prompt professional service I would recommend them for any chimney needs you may need!

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