Repairing a damaged cinderblock chimney

A customer had called and wanted a bid to replace their entire chimney because it looked like this disaster.(click on photos to enlarge):

Freeze damage to a cinderblock chimney.

We came up with a brilliant solution, which was to resurface the faces of the damaged block and paint the chimney!

Faces of cinderblock being resurfaced.







Chimney cinderblock repaired and painted

Finished repair, painted with Sherwin Williams Super Paint. The customer saved thousands of dollars!!


About the Author:

A 24-year veteran of the chimney repair trade, Cliff has experience in most phases of chimney construction and repair. He began as a chimney sweep apprentice in 1991. Two years later he began to educate himself in bricklaying and chimney construction. He claims that "it has been an interesting trade to say the least.
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