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We service gas fireplaces and gas log sets (installed in fireplaces).


16-Point Inspection Checklist – What We Do

  • Remove and clean the glass of an inserted product.
  • Inspect and clean the logs
  • Inspect the firebox itself for cracks, leaks, etc.
  • Examine the burner and pilot light assembly for wear, corrosion, etc.
  • The log grate and burner assembly are removed and cleaned
  • Remove and clean pilot assembly and burner orifices
  • The pilot ignition assembly is cleaned
  • We test the thermopile output voltage
  • The fan and blower assembly are cleaned
  • All safety switches are inspected and tested
  • We clean or vacuum the control bay, valve assembly, top of the firebox and fan ducting
  • Air shutters are cleaned and adjusted as needed
  • Glowing embers and ash are replaced as needed
  • All seals and gaskets are inspected, then we perform gas leak tests on all of the gas connections
  • The visual flame is inspected and adjusted for proper combustion/appearance
  • We go over operation of the unit with you and answer any questions you may have.

16-Point inspection and cleaning – $189.00

Repair Service- $189.00 for first hour of service. $90.00 per hour billed afterwards (prorated in 15 minute increments)

Parts – Parts costs are in addition to service fees.