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Gas Fireplace Service - Portland, Oregon

16-point gas fireplace performed on gas-fueled free-standing stoves and inserts


Contrary to popular belief, Gas stoves and gas fireplace inserts need to be serviced on a regular basis. Gas fireplace service is usually addressed in the maintenance section of the owner’s manual. These units are mechanical devices that are exposed to heat, and therefore require periodic maintenance and inspection to ensure proper functionality. We offer a 16-point cleaning and inspection service that provides the following:


  1. The glass is removed, inspected and cleaned.
  2. We inspect and clean the logs and ensure that they are replaced per manufacturer’s specifications; this is a critical point in terms of proper fuel combustion. If the logs are not arranged correctly, sooting can occur, as well as an improper flame picture.
  3. We look inside the firebox and inspect for cracks, leaks and other items that may be an issue.
  4. The burner and pilot assembly are inspected and tested for proper ignition, adjustment and operation. Electrical measurements are taken for electronic pilot ignitions.
  5. The fire log grate and the burner assembly are removed and cleaned.
  6. We remove the pilot assembly and clean it, along with cleaning the burner orifices.
  7. The thermopile voltage is tested for proper voltage transmission.
  8. The fan assembly is cleaned and inspected.
  9. The blower assembly is cleaned and inspected.
  10. The various safety switches in the system are inspected and tested for proper operation.
  11. The air shutters are cleaned of any build up and debris; they are adjusted as needed.
  12. Ash and glowing embers are adjusted for volume as needed. Often times there are manufacturer’s specifications regarding the amount of glowing embers to be used.
  13. Seals and gaskets are inspected for proper seating and functionality.
  14. Gas leak tests are performed on all of the gas connections.
  15. The flame profile is adjusted for proper fuel combustion and appearance.
  16. Finally, we ensure that you are operating the appliance correctly and ask if you have any questions.

Inspection and Cleaning Service – $259.00

Repair Services – $259.00 for the first hour of service. $120.00 per hour billed afterward in 10-minute increments.

Parts – Parts costs are in addition to service fees.


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