Safe disposal of ashes.

The cobbler’s children have no shoes. Early in my career I unknowingly vacuumed up some smoldering embers into my metal industrial vacuum cleaner. Three days later the fire department was spraying down the back of my truck while I was at the theatre watching a movie. The Rayon filter of the vacuum cleaner had caught fire. Embers can smolder in ash for a long time. Before man knew how to start fire, he would carry a pouch of ash with embers from the previous fire buried in the ash. He or she would revive the ember by blowing on it . This was then used to start the next fire. Here is a link to some good data on handling ashes (Thanks City of Portland):


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A 24-year veteran of the chimney repair trade, Cliff has experience in most phases of chimney construction and repair. He began as a chimney sweep apprentice in 1991. Two years later he began to educate himself in bricklaying and chimney construction. He claims that "it has been an interesting trade to say the least.
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