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Creosote Sweeping logs – do they actually work?

The question of whether the creosote sweeping log and products like it actually works comes up from time to time. These products often claim that by burning them for a set amount of time that they can either reduce or prevent the build up of creosote deposits in your chimney. This may help the problem on some level but as the CSIA ( The Chimney Safety Institute of America, a non-profit education organization dedicated to chimney and venting safety) notes in there own review it is not a proper replacement for a mechanical chimney cleaning and inspection. This is because while they may help loosen some creosote deposits the chemicals in them do not often work on first and second degree creosote ( the most common kind) and because they do not remove the debris which falls from the chimney into the smoke shelf ( which creates a future hazard due build up in that area). The other problem is that they cannot tell you about any structural faults in your chimney and those are important to catch early if you want to prevent potentially costly repairs.

CSIA Creosote sweeping log article:

So our advise to you is to have you chimney cleaned by a professional. We’ll give you the piece of mind by making sure your chimney is safe to use.

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