A home is not created in a single day. You may purchase a house but to transform that house into your home takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. There are many aspects to which you have to give repeated attention to ensure the safety and security of your family. One such area of attention is chimneys. Although chimney cleaning doesn’t come at the top of one’s priority list but periodic maintenance should be done to keep fire related hazards at bay.

Why should chimneys be cleaned?

Although chimneys are generally made of tough materials which can last for a long time,l they have to properly cleaned at least twice a year to clear the buildup of soot and ashes in the internal linings. If chimneys are not properly cleaned it can lead to following problems:

  1. Fire: Creosote and other harmful chemicals, caused from pine and other logs being burned, are highly flammable and can ignite within a few seconds leading to serious injuries and even death.
  2. Breathing problems: if the smoke is not properly vented out, and the room is filled up with it every time you lit up your fireplace, then it can cause breathing problems and poisoning especially for small children.
  3. Dusty Room: The smoke emitted from the fireplace contain dust and particles which can settle on the household items like cooking utensils, bed, sofa etc. and produce a murky look. If these items are not properly cleaned, then some of this soot can also end up in the digestive system causing serious health issues.

How often should you clean your chimneys?

If you have a chimney in your home, then you should invest in getting it cleaned at least twice every year especially before the onset of the winter months, and after spring kicks in. Since winter is the time when chimneys are mostly used, the majority of the soot occurs during this time.

Cleaning the chimney is not an easy task for an individual, so one can always reach out to the Portland chimney sweep companies for expert service.  We can effectively clean your chimney, give you advice on the new modifications that can be installed and check for additional problems that may not be visible without inspection. Thus, providing an all-round security for you and your family.