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  • Pre-fabricated fireplace systems – when to replace.

    This pre-fab fireplace needs to be replaced. The refractory panels inside the firebox are cracked, the doors do not operated smoothly. The refractory panels inside the firebox are cracked, and the sliding fire screens are bent and do not slide; the glass doors do not close easily.     Here is a top view of […]

  • More on Prefabricated fireplace systems.

    To state again, a pre-fabricated fireplace system is also known as a “zero-clearance” fireplace. This is a fireplace made from a kit, that does not require any masonry. The components can be placed very close to combustibles ¬†without catching them on fire. These systems are common in apartment complexes, as well as single-family Dwellings. In […]

  • Zero clearance fireplace systems- what are they, and how should they be used.

    These fireplace systems are prefabricated “kits” that allow builders to install a fireplace and chimney in a house for much less expense than a standard brick and mortar chimney system. There are thousands of these systems that have been installed in Portland, Tigard, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Beaverton and surrounding areas. A chimney sweep will perform […]