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  • Non-EPA certified woodstove removal requirements per Oregon law.

    Lets talk about wood-stove inserts. In Oregon, you have to get rid of any wood-stove or wood-stove fireplace insert when you sell or buy a house that has an insert that is NOT an EPA certified stove. We have removed many of these woodstoves and fireplace inserts. We submit all of the appropriate information to […]

  • Chimney Sweep Mini-Hat

    (write a full hat for rea inspections only) (mock up complete tool list) (safety and PPE chapter- MSDS books- OSHA standards) Your job as a chimney sweep comes with some very serious responsibilities. Failure to carry out these responsibilities can lead to heavy financial loss by the company, loss of company reputation, loss of repeat […]

  • Waterproofing your chimney crown.

    Your chimney may have a crown that has cracks in it, yet still has a good bond to the brick it was poured upon.     A great way to remedy this problem, preserve the crown and protect it from future wear is to waterproof it with Tamoseal. Tamoseal is mixed with a mechanical mixer […]