• Firewood and woodburning 101

    The people at the USDA Forest Service probably know a thing or two about firewood and its use… Go to this link for some great data: ¬†

  • Safe disposal of ashes.

    The cobbler’s children have no shoes. Early in my career I unknowingly vacuumed up some smoldering embers into my metal industrial vacuum cleaner. Three days later the fire department was spraying down the back of my truck while I was at the theatre watching a movie. The Rayon filter of the vacuum cleaner had caught […]

  • How to reduce your property risk to wildfire.

    The City of Portland Fire Blog has a great entry on May 8, 2012 Titled “Reduce your risk of wildfire in just a few hours. The blog entry has a great diagram and 10 written points. Here is the link:

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