• Why I like Napolean woodstoves.

    There are two reasons that I like Napolean woodstoves: They heat well and my customers rave about them. They save my customers money. ( Click on photo to enlarge ) We do not have a brick-and-mortar storefront, as we clean and repair chimneys and install woodstoves. We order in our Napolean stoves as needed. This […]

  • Precautions need to be taken when cleaning stainless steel liners.

            The above photos are of extremely flexible PVC rods and of a poly brush. This equipment is ideal for cleaning light-weight stainless steel all-flex liners. These rods and brushes navigate bends in flexible liners very easily. The rods and brushes in the photos below are very stiff, and can get caught […]

  • Flexible stainless steel liners need to be maintained with care.

      In the ancient days we had to use ridged stainless steel pipe and very heavy-duty flex pipe to line a chimney. The liner would frequently get caught up in bends in the chimney system and cause us much grief. We install liners to make chimneys safe, and as mechanical code requires when installing to […]

  • The Rumford fireplace system – great heat from an open fireplace

    A Rumford is a great way to get great heat from an open fireplace (open fireplaces send most of the heat up the chimney.)     This link will give you a concise history and a basic conceptual understanding of a Rumford.   If you want to go headlong into Rumford fireplace data, photos, […]

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