• Creosote Sweeping logs – do they actually work?

    The question of whether the creosote sweeping log and products like it actually works comes up from time to time. These products often claim that by burning them for a set amount of time that they can either reduce or prevent the build up of creosote deposits in your chimney. This may help the problem […]

  • What is chimney flashing and how does it work?

    When we think about important parts of a chimney the first things that come to mind are usually the bricks, the construction, and the mortar lined joints. These parts are all integral to the function of the chimney but there is another piece that is also very important and that piece is the flashing. Flashing […]

  • The importance of proper fire extinguisher use

    For a long time we have been taught about the importance of having fire extinguishers in your house and today I wish to add our support to that and highlight a couple of very important points regarding proper use and maintenance of these life saving devices. The first thing to ensure is that whether you live in […]

  • Raccoons and your chimney.

    We recently encountered a chimney that had been occupied by a Raccoon for some time. We were unable to clean this chimney because of the chance that the raccoon had left droppings in this chimney. These dropping can contain a particularly unpleasant parasitic roundworm that can cause life threatening symptoms if they are ingested ( […]

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