• Make Sure Your Chimney Gets Cleaned

    Many homeowners would love to have a fireplace. Having a fireplace, however, also means keeping the chimney clean. This is an issue of safety, and you could risk the lives of people in your home if you forget about it. Let’s review why it is so important to keep the chimney clean. Unclean chimneys lead […]

  • Chimney Cleaning: Why is it so important

    A home is not created in a single day. You may purchase a house but to transform that house into your home takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. There are many aspects to which you have to give repeated attention to ensure the safety and security of your family. One […]

  • Monsoon rain cap.

    When you need a cap that can keep the rain and animals out, as well as stop down drafts, the Monsoon cap is what you need. We install these caps. Call today to schedule or talk to us about your chimney . (503) 653-3819.

  • Glass fireplace doors for DIY homeowners

    We have installed several of these Pleasant Hearth glass fireplace doors over the years for our customers. They are sturdy, easy to install and look great. The screens behind the glass doors are hinged, not hanging from a curtain rod. The pricing is great too! Find them on Amazon or choose the link below: Pleasant […]

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