The Basics of Chimney Construction

  • December 13, 2023

Residential fireplace chimney construction typically involves the use of specific materials and construction techniques to ensure safety, durability, and proper function. Here’s an overview of the typical components, materials, and types of mortar used in residential fireplace chimney construction:

Chimney Components:

  • Flue Liner: This is the inner lining of the chimney that directs smoke and combustion byproducts outside. It can be made of clay tiles, metal, or other materials.
  • Brick or Masonry Structure: The outer structure of the chimney is typically made of bricks or other masonry materials. This provides structural support and insulation.
  • Chimney Crown: The top surface of the chimney, also known as the crown, protects the chimney from water and weather damage.
  • Cap: The chimney cap is installed on top of the flue to prevent debris, animals, and precipitation from entering the chimney.
  • Flashings: Flashings are metal pieces installed around the base of the chimney where it meets the roof to prevent water leaks.
  • Materials Used in Chimney Construction:
    • Bricks: Traditional clay bricks are commonly used in chimney construction. They provide durability and heat resistance.
    • Concrete Blocks: In some cases, concrete blocks may be used as an alternative to bricks, providing strength and stability.
    • Flue Liner Materials: Flue liners can be made of clay tiles, metal, or cast-in-place concrete. Each material has its advantages and is chosen based on factors such as cost, performance, and local building codes.
    • Mortar: Mortar is used to bind the bricks or blocks together. Mortar must be able to withstand the high temperatures generated by the fireplace. Type N or Type S mortar is commonly used in chimney construction.

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