December 2017

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  • Chimney Cleaning Services Is it a Must-Have?

    You may come across many homeowners who engage in DIY chimney cleaning projects. Soon, you may consider chimney cleaning as an easy task! And, you could attempt to engage in chimney sweeping by yourself to save money. This kind of approach may end in chimney or fireplace failure. This is an important annual maintenance item […]

  • Make Sure Your Chimney Gets Cleaned

    Many homeowners would love to have a fireplace. Having a fireplace, however, also means keeping the chimney clean. This is an issue of safety, and you could risk the lives of people in your home if you forget about it. Let’s review why it is so important to keep the chimney clean. Unclean chimneys lead […]

  • Do chimney sweep (cleaning) logs really work?

    A chimney sweep brush vs chimney cleaning logs. I get this question frequently. I cannot speak for the cleaning logs because I have not observed their effect over time, with various degrees of creosote build up. I have been cleaning chimneys for 24 years now. To be able to answer this question, I would have […]