Things to do in Portland Oregon

View of Portland, Oregon Our Portland Chimney Sweep staff loves Portland and all it has to offer so we thought we would share some of the great places to visit.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, USA area and this city is one among the best cities in USA. Portland Oregon has the reputation as one of the greenest cities the world over and the natural environment of the city is still maintained. Many people in Portland enjoy walking as well as cycling. According to our experience in this city the following are some of the most interesting activities for the visitors who spend a few days in this city.

Spend some time with the elephants at Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is one among the great attractions of Portland Oregon, USA area. There are about 2000 animals in this zoo and they are of more than 230 distinct species. Breeding programs are arranged for the endangered animals. All efforts are taken here to enable the threatened or the endangered species to survive and grow. The breeding of the African elephants is successfully carried out here and these elephants are the favorites of the visitors here. The visitors spend hours viewing the activities of these elephants.

Visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is situated in the Washington Park area and this is a very popular museum in USA. Every year more than a million people visit this museum.

Enjoy the beauty of Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon is an authentic Chinese garden and it resembles the very beautiful Ming Dynasty Gardens of China. While the visitors are inside the garden they feel that they are in China. This is a walled garden. This garden reflects the Chinese culture as well as history. After spending a few hours in this garden, the visitors feel fresh and more energetic.

Enjoy in the Portland’s Living Room

The original name of Portland’s Living Room is ‘Pioneer Courthouse Square’. It has an area of about 40000 square feet and is in the center of Portland, Oregon. This place offers the visitors a lot of entertainments like programs in an amphitheater, chess board, etc. The fountain in this Living Room appears like a huge waterfall.

Walk through the urban forest

The Forest Park in Portland, Oregon is about 8 miles long and is one of the largest urban forests in the US. The total area is not less than 5000 acres and the trails to explore are for more than 70 miles. Since this urban forest is above the Willamette River those who walk through the trails can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. This is an ideal place for bird watchers since a variety of bird species are found here.  Photographers also will find this place highly exciting.



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