Primary Educational Facilities Available for Kids of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a metropolitan city with a huge population, among which a large number of children are present as well. So it is essential to have proper arrangements for their educations, which should be started from the elementary level only. The civic authority of this city has established plenty of educational institutions for the children living here. Moreover, many private organizations have also taken initiatives in establishing suitable educational institutions for the local kids.

Major aspects related to primary and secondary education of Portland, Oregon

  • Portland Public Schools is the largest educational authority of this region that now runs 85 public schools in and around this city. David Douglas High School that is situated in Powellhurst district is known as the largest public school of this area with a huge number of students.
  • Cleveland High School, Benson Polytechnic School, Grant High School, Roosevelt High School, Madison High School, Grant High School and Jefferson High School are counted among the most prestigious public schools of Portland.
  • Lincoln High School is known to be the oldest public school in entire western part of the USA, as it was founded in 1869 and is still running successfully; while another old educational institution Washington High School was closed years back.
  • There are plenty of private schools operating here, due to the high demand and lack of enough seats in the public schools. Many prestigious private schools are affiliated to Roman Catholic Church and the most prominent among them are Jesuit High School, De La Salle High School, Central Catholic High School and La Salle High School. St. Mary’s Academy is meant only for the girl students of this region.
  • The Northwest Academy, Rosemary Anderson High School, Trinity Academy, Portland Jewish Academy and Portland Waldorf High School are the noted private educational institutions of this region.
  • The medium of teaching is only English in all these public and private schools, as English is the main official language of this country. The students are imparted best education in modernized classrooms of these schools, where they are taught by the brilliant and experienced teachers.
  • The students are also taught to do several community works that are kept as part of their curriculum in the schools. The creativity of the children is increased by engaging them in various artworks that suit their tastes.

Thus, the best care is taken to bloom the personality of the children through the primary and secondary education in the schools of Portland, Oregon.

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