Noteworthy Climatic Conditions Prevailing In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a coastal city that lies along the shores of Pacific Ocean and thus the climate of this region features all the characteristics of a typical seaside area, as well as the Mediterranean weather conditions. Generally, all three notable cities of the northwest coast of the USA, namely Vancouver, Portland and Seattle experience more or less similar climatic conditions. But Portland, Oregon is known to be the warmest and driest city among three of them.

Major climatic features experienced throughout Portland, Oregon

  • The summers are very hot in this coastal city, with continuous sunshine and very little or no rainfall. It is said that Portland, Oregon is categorized under warm Mediterranean climatic region. The months of June, July, August and September are really hot with the average temperatures rising as much as 81° F or 27.3° C. However, August is known to be the warmest month of the summer in this area. In 1965 and 1981, the maximum temperature reached 42° C during the peak days of the summers.
  • Since, Portland is extended till 110 Km inwards to the landmass and away from the ocean; most parts of this city do not enjoy the influence of Pacific Ocean over the local climate. So the summer temperatures cannot be lessened by the cold sea breezes or the soothing effects of the ocean, which are further blocked by the presence of Oregon Coast Range Mountains that run towards the west.
  • The rainfalls are seen to be the maximum during the months of November, December and January; while the summer months of June to September obtain the least amounts of rainfall. But somewhat consistency is found in the rainfall of Portland, Oregon during the rest months of the year, with the average annual rainfall being 35.98 inches.
  • The winters are moderate in Portland, Oregon and the city experiences maximum rainfall, as well as some amounts of snowfall during the months of December, January and February. It is seen that light drizzles continue for several days in winter here, thus further lowering the temperature. December is known to be the coldest month of the year, when the temperature may fall to 7.6° C. But very rarely the winter temperature dips below the freezing point in Portland, Oregon.

Though the nearby mountains, like Mount Tabor and West Hills experience heavy snowfall and snow storm; the main city area of Portland, Oregon hardly faces any severe snow storm due to its low-lying land that is guarded by the mountain ranges.

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